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Why Aluminum Arc Spray Coatings?

Painting has been considered to be the most in-expensive method for corrosion protection. Though the most ancient it is still in use, however it does not consistently provide a long service life.


The chimney surface is subject to not only nature’s fury but also corrosive gases such as H2S, SO2, SO3, etc. with temperatures as high as 6000C in many cases. Conventional heat resistant paints containing aluminum pigments in a resin base applied to a thickness of 15-20 microns per coat do not last and start corroding in no time. As a result not only does the chimney look corroded but there is also a threat to the structure due to thinning out of the base material.


Compare this to ARC SPRAY COATINGS which provide a thickness of 150-175 microns in the form of a pure metallic coating of Aluminium which is 99.5% pure. This protects the base material against corrosion & oxidation in hostile atmospheres combined with temperatures up-to 9500C.

These coatings conform to international standards as mentioned in British Standards - BS 2569 Part-II and Japanese Standards – JIS H 8301 for protection of iron & steel against high temperature corrosion and to ASTM 2200 D and ISO 8501-1: 1998 for pre-preparation of the substrate by abrasive blasting.

The Process

alumising process

After steel scaffolding around the periphery of the structure, the surface to be coated is blasted with select abrasives to remove all traces of rust and contaminants thereby facilitating the exposure of an activated surface to the desired roughness profile.

Within a few hours the blasted surface is coated with 99.5% pure metallic aluminum. This involves creating a potential difference (using power load of 30 KW) between the tips of two aluminum wires. An arc is struck as a result. The molten droplets of the arc are propelled on-to the prepared job substrate with the help of a jet of compressed dry air at a pressure of 7 Kgs/cm2

An additional coat of special sealants serves as a barrier protection to the surface.

Relevant safety standards facilitating working in elevated areas are strictly followed to the customers satisfaction.


include high temperature steam piping, steam valves, furnace bodies, manifolds, pipelines, holding tanks [inside & outside], exhaust silencers, DG set mufflers, etc., just to name a few. Arc Spray coatings in different alloy configurations are uniquely qualified to serve the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Paper & Pulp, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Marine, Pharmaceutical, Cement, Iron & Steel, Automobile, Mining,  Food and numerous other industries.

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