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Boiler Tube

Boiler tube failure is the number one source of forced outages in all coal fired power generation plants.  One of the major causes for premature tube failure is excessive fireside boiler tube erosion caused by the impact, cutting action, and abrasive wear of fly ash entrained flue gases, undercutting the area they strike.  It is estimated, that these plants lose approximately 6% of their power generation annually, due to boiler tube leaks – 23% of which is due to erosive wear.  Erosive wear is considered the most problematic, hardest to predict, and fastest growing issue within coal fired power generation plants.



The material currently used to construct boiler tubes is not sufficiently resistant to the complex combination of corrosion, erosion and abrasion these components are subjected too. Material loss from these processes of up to 2 millimeters (0.08inches) or more per year is not unusual.

Thermal sprayed coatings have been used successfully "when chosen and applied properly" for several years as protective coatings in coal-fired power plants to fight erosion and corrosion problems.



Advantages and Benefits of the coatings on boiler tubes -


Preservation of tube thickness.


Recoating is possible once the coating has become depleted in service.

Worn tubes with a minimum wall thickness can be coated.

Anti-adhesive effects of coating reduce the build-up of deposits on tubes and simplify their removal.

Far less boiler tube cracking or other failures that causes unplanned downtime.


Typical applications are




Burner Nozzle areas



The erosion and corrosion related problems in every boiler are unique. Firstly we seek a detailed study of the boiler working environment. All relevant data collected is laboratory analysed and then compared with historical data to understand the unique characteristics of the problem. A coating material is then carefully selected to act as a sacrificial coating to protect the tubes.


We specialize in on-site application of erosion and corrosion resistant thermal spray coatings and adhere to Strict Quality Control Manual. This manual is based on Thermal Spray Coating Quality standards, resulting in the delivery of promised quality.


Job Shop coatings of tube panels, coil bundles or invidiual tubes can also be carried out.