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In today's time manufacturing plants are under immense pressure to deliver on time. Equipment breakdown, wear and tear in vital components, problems of corrosion, wear, abrasion, erosion and failures related to material fatigue only make the situation more acute. With spiraling costs, replacing or scrapping of broken components is no longer the answer.


That’s why we now offer you global proven solutions – a package of preventive and protective maintenance using thermal spray and welding technology . Various processes such as arc spray coatings, plasma for ceramic coatings, sintered carbides, wearprotection through SMAW/MIG/FCAW/TIG & powder cladding are utilised to provide you with the right solution.


Large surfaces as well as small parts are readily resurfaced and returned back to operations promptly after selection of the right technology. We have been catering to various industries such as power, steel, mining, forging and many more. We have offered successful solutions for various applications across industries.


We are fully equipped to finish the parts to very close tolerances, having developed expertise that allows us to successfully finish parts to tolerances measured in few microns. As equipment alone does not guarantee success, the skills of our craftsmen always makes the difference.