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Shaft and Rolls

The company provides cost-effective solutions to a variety of manufacturing problems across many industries. Our coatings enhance the surface properties of production equipment where toughness, abuse resistance, and longevity are required. Drums, rollers, shafts and more all can be improved to provide better performance. Our coatings are an economical solution for parts that need frequent replacements.

Dimensional Restoration Services for shafts (bearing, seal and wear areas) -

Typically, the rolls or cylinders ride in bearings and over time the journals become worn. The repair procedure involves undercutting the journal to remove the worn material, spraying the section with a special alloy and then finishing it back to its


original dimensions. This repair procedure usually costs a fraction of a new roll. Another benefit to the customer is that the coating usually has a higher hardness (in the range of 40-42 Hrc) than the base material. Coupled with the fact that the coating is oil retentive, the coating is capable of increasing the life of the journal by a minimum of 20-30%.


The traditional process utilizes heat to melt the wires that are welded onto the substrate, often causing it to distort and go through metallurgical changes due to the high transfer of heat. This problem has been eliminated by the thermal spray technology, an advanced thermal spray process that uses electric current to melt the wires and then uses compressed air instead of gas to spray the molten particles.


Since the applied particles carry very little heat to the substrate, this method can be used in virtually any application. The low heat input of this innovative process guarantees that other dimensions and heat-treated areas remain unaffected. The process does not lead to any stress formation hence avoiding journal cracking during operation. Materials can be applied both on internal as well as external surfaces.

In our continued effort to provide maximum cost effectiveness and convenience, we provide our coating service on-site, at your facility.


Little or no disruption of your production equipment

No disassembly, removal & re-assembly, installation cost or time

Minimum handling, reducing potentials for damage

Less over-all time required to process part(s)

Less over-all cost

Maximising use of customer time and labor

Fast turnarounds that reduce costly downtime.